Exercise with Lucie

Lucie Stein is a volunteer trainer who has been leading senior adults in exercise programs for several years.  The three programs listed below cover exercises geared towards adults at various level of their exercise journey.  Pick the one that suits you best, or start with the first program and work your way up.

Here are some links to gain access to the videos. May you be blessed and have a good time waking up those muscles!
1.  SIT FIT – Seated Exercises for Seniors.  This presentation is geared to seniors, adults with mobility issues or older adults who want to start an exercise regimen. These gentle exercises will support you on your journey to more active living. Here are some links to gain access to the video.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH! 
2.  STEP IT UP – Mid-Intensity Exercises for Seniors.  This video is designed for the person who is mobile and is looking to increase their mobility and strength through gentle exercises.  A great follow up to the SIT FIT Seated Exercise Program.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
3. WORSHIP WORKOUT – High-Intensity Exercises for Seniors.  The final video of this series is geared towards the person who is active and mobile and is looking to increase their cardio activity and strength through higher intensity exercises.  This program is one of Lucie’s favourites, incorporating christian music and a variety of exercises to soothe the soul and find joy in exercise.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH! 
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