Bible Study “Summer In Psalms”


Invitation to “Summer in Psalms”, From Rev. Dr. Kimberly Heath



“The psalms illuminate the mind for the purpose of enkindling the soul, indeed to put it on fire. It may indeed be said that the purpose of the psalms is to turn the soul into a sort of burning bush” – Stanley Jaki


Join us this summer for a transformative journey through the Book of Psalms!

Throughout July and August, our sermons and worship will focus on the Psalms, uncovering their timeless relevance and inspiration for our lives today.  We recommend you start your reading on July 1st. 


I hope you will read through all or some of the Psalms with us this summer. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in daily readings or reflect on select passages, you’ll find comfort, wisdom, and joy in these sacred texts.  

There are two reading list options which you can download and we recommend you start your readings on July 1st.   Read the Psalms in 60 days,  or Weekly Reading Plan With Selected Psalms.

If you want to go deeper, consider reading along with Pastor Kim from the book: Open and Unafraid: The Psalms as a Guide to Life by W. David O. Taylor

It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your faith and connect with our community in a season of reflection, praise, and spiritual growth. and everyone is welcome. Let’s dive into the Psalms together and find God’s presence in every season of our lives!

“A journey through the psalms is the journey of the life of faith.” – Denise Dombkowski Hopkins