Traditional with a twist.  That’s how you might describe Wall Street United Church. 

We are steeped in tradition.  Since 1828, nearly 200 years, people have worshiped in this historic building and magnificent sanctuary complete with Casavant organ. We are also steeped in the long tradition of service and reaching out to those in need.  Whether sponsoring refugees or displaced people, through offering free Sunday Suppers, organizing a food drive or simply a warm welcome.

So, what’s the twist?  The twist is joy-filled modern praise music in worship. The twist is former alcoholics and addicts leading our Celebrate Life, evening worship service.  The twist is a sanctuary full of guests for a gay wedding. The twist is a comment about us on Facebook that read: “What Christianity really means!” and “I’ve never seen the same level of love, acceptance, personal accountability and sense of community in any other church that I’ve seen at Wall Street.” 

In short, the twist is a radical love that embraces God’s love for ALL people.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Heath